Ways to Grow Your Career in Music

It’s normal for every aspiring musician to struggle with creating ideas on how they could get their music out in the open. It’s the part of the process that is usually the toughest – how will I start building my music career? Frustrations and obstacles are part of the challenges but once you manage to open a door and get your foot in it you’re on your way to your dreams. However, getting your foot in the door doesn’t end the struggles but expect things to get even more challenging. It’s more like venturing in a business – it’s challenging to kick a start but it’s more challenging to sustain and remain in the circle.

Many musicians are fortunate enough to get a good start in their music career. But most of them fail because of the wrong attitude and thinking. Whether you’re just the new kid in the block or you’re already a professional who’s looking for a big break, you can’t build a music career for the long term if you have a negative mindset. One must incorporate “working on the music” with “creating tactics” and “enforcing the strategy”. Failing to balance all three, will put an end to your music career even before it starts

Building a career in music takes a lot of effort and money from your end. Without the proper attitude towards what you’re doing, all your investments could go into nothing. Here are the things all musicians should know to prevent your career from ending prematurely:

Invest in yourself first before you get into music career foray. Investment covers your personality, craft, skills, and knowledge – it all should come in a package before you start knocking and entering doors of opportunities. Abandon the mindset that music companies are up for hiring only the best musicians – the truth is they’re up for hiring the best people who can do everything.

You’ll not impress a recording company or promoter by just bragging them how good your music is. When they ask you what do you do and you tell them you’re doing music, you’ll find them asking for a more sensible answers. They’d like to hear more of what you do about the music that you make. Producers, band managers, and promoters would not want to invest their time, effort, and money on someone who doesn’t even have the initiative to help himself. It will do you no good to just sit around and wait for someone to lend you a hand. Your generation has the internet which you can take advantage of. Improve your music, use the social networking sites to promote it, gather fans, and try to establish a name on your own effort.

Stop focusing on the competition. It will not help you at all to guard your rivals and keep your nose in their stuff all the time. Competition will be there whether you exist or not. Focus on your craft instead. Strengthen your weak points and make great music. The most important competition that you need to focus on is your competition with yourself. If there’s someone who’ll be likely to keep you from hitting the key of success it’s yourself alone. Learn to deal with yourself before you get into the arena.

Learn the business of music. You maybe have the best personality and the best music but if you know nothing about the business side of the industry, you’re screwed. Study everything from copyright laws to your target market.

Always strive to be better. There’s always someone who will write songs better than you, or have a better voice. Keep improving yourself and the right people might just come knocking on your door.